LVT, the “new generation vinyl tiles”

LVT (LUXURY VINYL TILES) is known as the “new generation vinyl flooring” due to its numerous qualities which include:

  • Fast and simple installation. No glue. Easy cutting with just a cutter. No noise or dust
  • Ideal solution for renovation. Easy to transport
  • Sustainable product. Shockproof and waterproof
  • Decorative thanks to its realism and adaptable to any type of environment from the most classic to the most creative.

Self-adhesive, interlocking or glue-on, the various ranges exist in planks (the most requested thanks to its similarity to tiles), but also in tiles for the more contemporary designs.

A consumer product par excellence, these beautiful, affordable and robust planks offer the consumer “luxury” at minimal cost and with no installation difficulty. They are generally intended for new residential interiors or renovation (bedroom, kitchen, living room, storage room, corridor, bathrooms).

Interlocking planks and tiles

Self-adhesive planks

The heart of the Florafloor range. Easy to use, can be installed by a handyman or a professional, the planks and tiles are considered a unique technological breakthrough in the field of floor covering. They are intended for multiple uses in new or old interior spaces, notably commercial premises such as shops, boutiques, hotels, offices…

Interlocking Planks and Tiles

Self-adhesive planks


Product intended for intensive and high traffic use, the glue-on planks in the Floratec range have all the guarantees of solidity, duration and aesthetics. LVT glue-on flooring are intended for use in indoor areas including commercial premises such as shops, boutiques or hotels.

Adhesive Planks and Tiles