FLORAFLOOR: A stylish floor

Un sol stylisé

Do your floors look dull? Do you want to revive your home or just give style and character to your household? Florafloor, one of the world leaders in Luxury Vinyl tiles offers a wide range of solutions, all equally appealing……

A quick glance at the brand catalogue is enough to give an idea of the full range of possibilities. At Florafloor, your floors are important to us, we reinvent and pamper them. Specialists in Luxury Vinyl tiles, with expertise, know-how and passion we invite you to discover the fabulous universe of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles), through quite sublime and stylized compositions, masterfully created by one of the most prolific interior designers of the generation.

“The meeting with Florafloor was obvious,” says the artist. For me, working on such high-tech floor ranges is a genuine pleasure. I can transcribe current trends but also have fun with much more original lines, particularly appreciated by todays consumers.”

A brilliant idea

What is LVT? It’s a whole programme. Easy to understand the enthusiasm of customers for this unique and elegant process, which pushes the limits of the imagination. “With LVT, you can do almost anything. Our strength? To be able to work on representations of tiles, textiles, or wood assemblies with crazy precision, all in a unique and daring material,” continues the architect. “To offer all the aesthetics of these materials highly valued by decoration and development enthusiasts without the inconveniences, the idea is quite simply formidable.”

The must! Through the informed eye of the architect, Florafloor has the luxury of offering consumers ever more developed ranges, to meet the desires of all. From classic lines to decidedly more trendy ones, as well as a very stylish collection: there is something here for all tastes and atmospheres.

With LVT by Florafloor, give a new look to your interiors…



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